Friday, September 08, 2006

"I do believe that terms like the n-word should not be used. However, if other black people make it a joke that only they can use, they are just further separating themselves into their brotherhood which causes all the stereotyping to continue existing. I am not saying it is their fault, but we all need to do our parts, which includes having grace for each other when they don't understand us or we don't understand them."

I felt the need to post this here because I wanted to see other reactions to it. This is a post on the blog for the company I work for by a good upstanding christian girl in to a response about the use of the "N word."

after a few more reactions she also posted this:

"You don't get to claim your own word. Grow up. We all live together and feed off each other. Most white people are uncomfortable at first when the N-word is used. And they don't start using it until they hear others making a joke of it. So if you want to stop the word, then maybe African Americans should stop saying it, too."

It feels a touch condescending coming from a perky blonde white girl from San Diego, no? You should hear her when it comes to the homosexual persuasion


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